saturday mornings.

Oops. I must have accidentally put him to bed in a bib last week!

A few shots from that last couple of Saturdays in a row. Saturdays are the best days. Mama wakes up early to blog/chill out/drink coffee while baby and papa sleep another hour. Elliott  wakes up a little grouchy with sleep in his eyes and blocked-tear-duct goop (will this ever go away?!); papa wakes with a big bear yawn and bad breath. Another round of coffee for mama (although, not lately, I am sad to say), the first of many for papa, and baby gets his bottle. We are all smiles after that and stay in our pajamas often until noon. A day of fun and a lot of "what do you feel like doing" ensues. I love these weekend; the kinds where you have no plans made. A choose-your-own-adventure kinda day. Will we go antiquing?! Out to lunch? Will we barbeque? Those weekend days are my favorite.

Today we may go to Ikea to get little man a high chair, and perhaps we'll check out some local music at the coffee shop down the street. Oh. And when will we find out this baby #2's gender? I was 16 weeks yesterday, so perhaps this weekend, too! The sky is the limit. It's the weekend!


  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me :) pleased to see the pup in one of the shots too! Such cuties x

  2. He is gorgeous! Those weekends are the best, you could do so much..or nothing at all :)


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