where i've been.

Where I've been these days cannot be explained without first asking, where I am heading? We journey through life as our past and our present and our future all make up little pieces of who we are. I have been consumed by change and feelings of being overwhelmed, but also, I have been learning to embrace the places I am heading. Little steps on a journey through life as Charlotte Joy.



  1. OH MY GOD I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT!!!!! Congratulations you wonderful lady xxxx

  2. Congratulations!! I've just found your blog via bloglovin and had to follow as I have a little man called Elliot too! Love the honesty of your writing, especially about Elliott's CHD. Look forward to seeing your posts pop up in my bloglovin feed!

  3. That is awesome!
    Congrats times a million!!
    Elliott is also around the same age as my baby too :D


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