4 years.

Four years together.

San Clemente. Santa Barbara. Telluride. 2 cruises; Catalina, Encinata. Laguna Beach. Countless Disneyland trips. Rides in the pimp mobile. Frozen yogurt. Bike riding. Kitty time. Dinners out. Allowances and budgeting. Pillow talk (and other married stuff too intimate to talk about here). Some arguments, always making up. Buying the house, our dream home. Gardening projects, cutting down trees, planting flowers. Getting a dog, our practice baby. Learning to train, discipline. Parenting, in a sense. And trying to have a baby, for over a year. Some tears. Steadfast calmness on your side. Finally getting pregnant. Celebration, preparation. Painting the living room and the nursery. Having that baby! Our proudest moment together. Learning new things, disciplining ourselves. Hearing rough news, and having a tough few months. Almost losing our child, but taking him home again, for good. Our second proudest moment. A lot of pain, a lot of triumph. And now, another child, on her way. All in four years. Happy anniversary hunny bear. I love you.


  1. A very happy four year anniversary, congratulations:)


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