a short moment.

I am always learning that while life is good there are always ways to improve it. And to improve life means sometimes, you must improve yourself. To watch the way you talk to your husband and family and think about your words before you same them. To not sit to frequently on your iPhone or in front of the computer. To take advantage of short, free moments to do something just for your. To respect yourself. To not compare yourself to others. To not allow yourself to get stuck in the day to day rut. To make a fancy breakfast on weekends, and skip the cereal. To spend more time on baby neck raspberries. To plant a few more plants in your home, and keep the clutter picked up. To watch your pennies, but not pinch them.

Life if what you make it. I have to remember that. It is so easy to caught up in the everyday needs of your household, to want for things, to indulge in that feeling of exhaustion and make it your excuse for things. But at times you really do just need to take a short moment, and revel in baby toes or stop to smell the roses. Everyday is a new day. I go back to work tomorrow after my little mini vacation, and I am never at a loss for feeling tired. But today, I'll just be.....

(My posts might have been a little lost in focus lately... thank you for bearing with me friends.)


  1. I know what you mean Charlotte, I just wrote something similar about how I need to take a little time for myself... I agree we need to take time to enjoy what is around us too :)

  2. Totally agree! On one hand I love to blog to keep a document but have to be wary of just getting sucked into the abyss of other people's blogs and never actually documenting my own stuff to look back on!Rx



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