'round here.

'round here, a mish-mash of things happening on the homestead...

'Round here I have been feeling much better, a new person even, since my sick day spent in bed. Sometimes, we all just need a day to reset.

We've been eyeballing summer clothes for little boy, and can't help from buying a few cute things for little girl too. I am thinking we may not buy too much for her just yet, as the sizes of these baby Charlotte Joys seem to surprise us (a few shorts for Elliott in newborn sizes for now, a few in 3 month sizes for...the end of summer?). 9 month old Elliott is well past the double his birth weight marker, but he won't make it to triple by his first birthday, I am sure of it. We are getting a ton of wear out of his clothes, to the point that Taylor and I are starting to tire of looking at him in certain things. Kids are supposed to grow out clothes quickly, right? Why doesn't mine? (I am kidding of course, my pregnant back is thankful for his tiny size.)

And speaking of baby clothes, a friend reminded me recently that I have been wanting to make baby leggings, using patterns such as this one, and making my own fabrics on Spoonflower...I suppose custom fabrics are going to bring the cost of homemade leggings up, but, who cares! And then, onto baby girl dresses!

On the blogging front, Charlotte Joy has a new home at a brand new domain! Yay! I have been wanting to do this forever. Welcome to www.hellocharlottejoy.com! Blogger will redirect all links from charlotte-joy.blogspot.com to this new address. So happy we've found a new home. And now, maybe a blog makeover is in order....

I have big plans for my first blog giveaway. I figured, it might be something fun to try. I don't plan on changing the format of this blog or what I do here, but I have been feeling very inspired by my blog and by other bloggers and just blogging in general. And, come on, who doesn't love a giveaway? Let's see if I can pull this idea off....

Seriously, why haven't I ordered that high chair on Ikea yet? What is wrong with me? The Bumbo seat is no longer cutting it.

Tomatoes are busting out in the garden, already! Now to get those babies into tomato cages. My to-do list around here is endless. We are still working on getting some plants out in the front, and are giving our front porch a little spruce up with new light fixtures and some string lights. The backyard is another project we have been wanting to tackle, complete with an extended patio, two pergolas, and a new barbeque pit. Houses: they sure do inspire you to spend money. Lots of it.

A favorite retired blogger, Aura Joon, is back with a new photography blog. Hooray! And another great blog I've discovered recently, with a completely different focus, Tiny Super Heroes, is constantly making my day.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend, my friends!


  1. Nice to read that you are feeling back to yourself, being sick is never good:)

  2. OOhhh... a giveaway! Can't wait! I envy that you have a put together backyard. Ours is a hot mess. Seriously.


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