10 months. and 6 months.

Holy moly, two milestones in one week!

I’ll be honest, I am a little past the point the writing up a whole 10 month update on baby Elliott. Call me lazy if you’d like (I’d prefer to call it tired.) I never wrote a nine month post even though I had every intention to, and I can’t really remember what has happened whenduring the last two months. Quite frankly, the days have blown by like a 100-mile an hour tornado, leaving behind a trail of iPhone photos and baby blocks that I keep tripping over. Tummy time is finally no longer a complete waste of time spent doing nothing but crying, and Elliott is starting to show signs of crawling. I am sure by his 11 month update he will be. He is finally gaining the upper-arm strength we’ve been working on for ages. He is rolling his way all over the house. He eats rice puffs non-stop and is already forcing himself away from the bottle behind a tray piled with finger foods. Oh. And he no longer can make it through the night without eating. This means he is taking considerably more during the day and mama or papa have to get up to make a bottle. Not ideal, but I am hoping the end result will be a happier, healthier baby with a full belly. He is still hovering around 15 pounds, but he is making his way into 6 month clothes like a true champ which means he is still growing (however slow. Who cares?). A patty-cake playing, block tower-toppling, mama-saying, bye-bye waving little boy that can’t stop laughing at everything our dog does. He is such a little boy these days, I can’t believe we are already planning his first birthday.

The big news is, if you read my post last week you know that Elliott had a follow-up EEG to check for seizures. His test came back normal! We got the “all clear” from the neurology clinic to begin weaning his phenobarbital and we are overjoyed! Hopefully in the next week our little man will be medication-free! Hooray!

Oh. And, hello?! I am also six months pregnant today with baby Sweet P. How in the world did that happen already? I guess we just keep speeding ahead like a hurricane. I am only about 12 pounds away from my end-pregnancy weight with Elliott, and I have to say, I am feeling it. It is getting harder to bathe Elliott and play with him on the floor while carrying another baby inside my belly. And clothing is becoming an issue. And extreme exhaustion and forgetfulness. I am powering through, feeling pretty good in spite of everything. I have a fetal echocardiogram scheduled next week for Sweet P and I am hoping Elliott’s cardiologist will get to take a look. I am prepared for anything. My thoughts about Baby P’s heart are good but I want to go in knowing everything. If we know she has some problems ahead, we can build a plan for her and make sure she gets the care she needs from the moment she graces the world with her beautiful face. And if she doesn’t, well, we can go on living peacefully with a clear head until she arrives. I won’t lie, though, I am getting more and more nervous about finding out the facts the closer I get to the appointment. Knowledge is power, but also, knowledge is frightening.
Hooray, in any case, for milestones! 10 months old, little boy. You'd better believe, I can hardly believe it.


  1. It always amazes me how fast our children grow... I cannot believe that my youngest is ten... when in the heck did that happen?

    I am so happy to hear that Elliott's EEG came back normal.

    I will pray for your sweet P that everything is okay there too.

    You are doing wonderful, having a young baby and being pregnant at the same time... I have 22 years between my children... I wouldn't have survived them together and they are both wonderful girls :)

    1. Launna- wow! 22years! What a huge break in between! I feel like I have been pregnant since November 2011 even though I had 5 month break in between! Yes, I am stunned, we are already talking about his birthday party, and shortly after, we'll have TWO kids! It's nuts. Time just flies.


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