a lazy saturday (in photos).

A Saturday. I almost always enjoy these Saturdays the most. Spent inside, doing laundry and drinking coffee and playing Elvis-pelvis dance party with a really cute 10-month old. These are the days I look forward too each and every Monday.

1. First thing is always first: coffee. 2. Before anyone else got up. Sadly raking fallen plums. 3. Finally. Awake! 4.Applesauce for late breakfast. 5. Enjoys looking at himself in the mirror. 6. dimply plum cake made during the longest nap ever. 7. Still napping!  8. Tiny baby curls. 9. Folding laundry. 10. Banjo! 11. Picked from the garden. 12. Dinner: rice, peas, broccoli, potatoes.13. Bedtime for a certain someone.


  1. Awe, he is so adorable... I love the one of the dog on the bed... so cute:)


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