'round here.

'Round here it's been an entire week of avoiding the internet! Well, I suppose just avoiding the blog, really. There are days when I like to blog on my 15 minutes breaks at work, between the two breaks and a few minutes in the evening I am able to build a comprehensive post. This week: not so. Phone calls on my breaks, extra trips to the bathroom, extra trips to the office kitchen to make the 10th snack for the day, getting caught talking to a co-worker that is just now noticing I am pregnant again.Sorry blog.

Last night I had a dream about baby Sweet P for the first time. If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw the top photo yesterday morning, with this caption, "At work on month end today, I'd rather lay in bed all day & daydream. When I was pregnant with Elliott I had countless dreams about a little blond baby boy, before I ever found out that he was a boy. I am 6 & 1/2 months pregnant today and for the first time, I had a dream about my baby girl. Little with brown wisps of hair, quiet and observant at days old. Not a crier. For the first time I was able to picture us as a family of four. It was wild, looking into my future! We will see how certain this dream is, before too long..." I almost have to laugh at this perfect picture my brain was setting up for me. Dreams about baby Elliott were centered around my fear of having a baby, that I would constantly drop this precious blond baby boy on his head due to my lack of capable-ness. This time, I guess my subconscious has been void of thinking about this second child very much. I am capable, yes, but there is too much to ponder on....like: What will I make Elliott for dinner? Hmmm. Perhaps this subject deserves a break-time post of it's own. Moving on.

In other Sweet P news, we've cleared out her room a bit after having a yard sale, and are getting read to start painting and prepping! My paint swatches are narrowed down, a retro pea-green for the walls, a stenciled in mural inspired by this Pinterest-found image in peaches & white, black & white patterned linens, white furniture, colorful peachy pink & green accents. I've picked out everything I'd like for her room (along with a few necessities) on Sweet P's very own Pinterest board

Yesterday, I came home and there was a massive fire burning on the hillside right near my home. It had a long way to go before it got to my neighborhood (and likely wouldn't), but I'll admit it was a bit too close for my comfort. Just a few weekends ago I was saying how it would be fun to move to said hillside and have a little mini-farm, with fruit trees and chickens and maybe even a goat or two. Yes... maybe not. Fortunately the was out in about three hours after burning over 200 acres, only one home with damage in the attic space and no injuries.

It's hot. HOT. I am pretty sure if I search this blog I said somewhere I'd never do another summer pregnancy. And yet here I am doing it again. It hate this.

Last weekend I made Elliott some pasta with home-made sauce and penne, ran it through the Baby Bullet for a few minutes to chop the pasta up into small pieces. What a hit it was, and the best part was we all ate the meal for dinner! Elliott handled the little pasta bits like a champ in spite of lacking teeth, and it really inspired me to make more meals for the the of us. Up soon: cheesy broccoli rice, perhaps with some pureed chicken (while chicken breast for mom & pop)!

And speaking of Elliott, he had his first taste of pureed plum from our plum tree. I think it was a bit too tart for him, though, it wasn't long before he began shaking his head no no no no no to me and crying for something else. Having an entire plum tree is a ton of work.... and what to do with all the plums? I think I may make a plum upside-down cake today.

Happy weekend lovely friends. See you soon.


  1. It must be wonderful to have a plum tree... I would have to come up with ideas and give some away too... :)

    I dreamt of my first daughter... not so much about my second one.... I don't know why... I was under a lot of stress with both but more with my second one... that's probably why.

  2. Make a plum jam! Oh, I love plums!


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