ramblings of a monday night.

This weekend was full of errand running and house organizing and little boy-photo taking. I wanted to blog and I wanted to paint and yet instead I had one of the more productive weekends in a while, piling up old papers to take to the shredder and throwing out yucky expired old jars of food that had been lurking in the fridge for months (years?). Instead of pondering about the blog post I have been wanted to write about CHD or sketching out baby girl nursery ideas I shampooed the carpet until my pregnant hips were sore. I took Elliott to urgent care as soon as it opened Sunday morning because I knew he needed eye drops for pink eye and was in & out like a flash.

Weekends. Sometimes you need to lay on the couch and do nothing, sometimes you just need to dive into the work that needs to be done.

In between, we played little games of peek-a-boo. We ate dinner together as a family in the kitchen, Elliott in his baby bouncer next to the table, daydreaming about the soon-to-be four of us all sitting together at the table in a couple of years. We scouted a few garage sales before morning nap time on Saturday morning. We glanced at paint swatches in between errands.

Life is all about moving forward. There are days you feel stagnant, and other days, the day ahead is what pushes you forward. Things to do. A house to clean. Meals to savor. Love to give. Dreams to perpetuate. Life to live.

Many times, when I feel all...woe is me, I have to remember. I am one of the lucky ones. I have a wonderful family. My little boy has CHD, sure, and life can feel scarily uncertain at times. But we have a long life together to look forward to, and every moment is precious, even if filled with mundane tasks. CHD isn't who we are, who Elliott is. It is a challenge we have to face sometimes, and we'll take on that challenge wholeheartedly. Most days, life feel normal, when I am not thinking about seizure tests and fetal echo cardiograms. We are all together, with a life to live. Together as a family. And whatever our family story ends up being, and whomever we add to it, it only means life is that much sweeter.


  1. Charlotte... this is a fabulous attitude... it's not easy to maintain this but so lovely when we can see the good ;-)


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