plain and simple.

Sometimes I forget.

Sometimes I forget that life is all about family, making meals and eating them, cousin's birthday parties, coffee & ice cream. I have a brain filled with ideas and no time to manifest them into tangible things. Blog posts. Paintings. Birthday party decorations. And that's okay. Life is made for living and savoring the now, and in the moments between we can make room for those ideas.

I feel like I've spent much of my brain space on making plans for things. Trolling Pinterest for 1st birthday party ideas and saving to buy an overpriced (but very cute) pair of handmade baby leggings. But in the moments I spend with my child, the rolling over in the middle of the night to kiss my husbands sleepy face, I know that life has been made. It's not about baby leggings, and the world won't end if this blog isn't updated every week.

So. Fetal kicks and a 4th of July spent at home with my little guy. Here I come! Enjoy the now. Plain and simple.


  1. I just love this pic of Elliott. Such a goofball!


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