first birthday (in photos).

Yesterday Taylor and I took the day off to spend Elliott's first birthday with him. It was a quiet day, a long morning with breakfast and lunch followed by a refusal to nap. We took cupcakes up to the cardiac unit to celebrate in Elliott's day with the doctors and nurses that took care of him during his heart surgery recovery. I had planned this for months, and by the time we finally made it up to this hospital mid-afternoon, my already-burnt cupcakes were a bit melty and smashed. The unit was quiet, but we saw a few familiar faces who were happy to see our birthday boy (who, all of a sudden, was ready for a nap...). A stop for a late lunch for my & papa, a visit to papa's chiropractor, and then home again at 5 pm for an actual nap that was fragmented and unproductive. This kid knew what was coming! At 7 pm the grandparents and local aunts & uncles brought gifts and we sliced into a store-bought birthday cake that we purchased on the way home from the chiropractor. Yep, sorry kid. Store bought cake for your first taste.... he didn't mind, I don't think.

Elliott's actual birthday party is in a couple of weeks and I have a big party planned! A baby wading pool, a slip & slide, sidewalk chalk, a hotdog bar and a much tastier, cuter cake to smash into. In spite of a postponed party, I am so happy fore the chance to stay home and spend a day celebrating his year... Our year, too.

Happy birthday my little one!


  1. Congratulations, he is so adorable! x

  2. Happy, happy birthday to Elliott... I always love those first year pictures when the children get to have a piece of cake and enjoy it any way they like... :)

  3. Happy birthday to Elliott! My, one year has gone by so fast!!

    ♥ Duckie.


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