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I have been begging my husband for a week to change out the batteries in our keyboard (no, I cannot do it myself, thankyouverymuch) so in part, that's the reason I've been a bit quite the last week or two. And let's be honest, we've had a busy couple of weeks with painting Sweet P's room, preparing for Elliott's party, and then the getting-sick-at-his-own-birthday-party aftermath. Maternity leave is nearing and I am hoping for a week or two of chick-flick TV time and breaking out my sewing machine again during nap time before a new baby makes sure that I have no free time again. Having a big boy one year old has allowed me to reclaim time for me, but I am fairly certain all will be lost for a few weeks (months?) until our little girl regulates her schedule. I wonder how long it will take to synchronize napping?

Things that have been on my mind:

Making a long list of newborn must-haves and I am wracking my brain with the things we'll need that we have to restock (newborn diapers, nursing pads), things we have already (swaddlers, burp cloths), and things we have but will need a new set of for the new nursery (changing pad & covers, new bottles, crib sheets, a white-noise/sleep sheep thing). We're in the home-stretch, baby Sweet P!

I have been considering opening a separate Instagram account for selling some vintage goods. A few months back Taylor and I had the bright idea to begin selling vintage on Etsy, because we live in a small town with lots of retirees that eventually move onto greener pastures and have amazing estate sales. We have a teeny amount of inventory, and Instagram selling might be a less-work option to get our feet wet. Then again, Etsy is Etsy and everyone shops on Etsy...

My insomniac brain has been filled with ideas to make plush toys & blankets for the two kids, meanwhile, my husband is still on the hunt for a cute record player for the baby's new room. I don't think we can shut either of our brains off the idea of building a home for our kids and giving them the things we love. Introducing them to our interests is all part of being a parent. It's a way to cope with the realization of the  sleepless nights ahead.

We're already planning a spring to-do list. The top of the list is new flooring in the whole house. Our dogs and cats and even our little boy have made it impossible to keep a smell out of the carpet. I am beyond over carpeting, at least until the pets die and the kids go to college. Also noted: a new fence to enclose more of our side yard (we live on a corner lot) to make a bigger backyard for the dogs and kids and allow for a little more privacy.  So many ideas, so little dollars.

Happy Monday friends!


  1. I remember all the nesting I did before I had
    Valentina... I had so many things I wanted to do to be prepared. I hope you get a couple of weeks off without work to relax before the second baby comes:)


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