Three weeks ago, I became a mama of two... one baby, and a baby transitioning into a toddler. And holy hell. Two is another thing. I laugh at my one-year-ago self, shocked by the change of being a baby home. Sleeplessness with one new baby is a joke when compared to sleeplessness with two. People, I tell you, newborns by themselves are easy. A newborn with a toddler too, is...not.

I have to back-up, though, and count my blessings. Elliott was never a hard baby in spite of all the challenges he was born with. Penelope is a piece of cake in comparison. She is as sweet as pie. She sleeps well, she nurses well, she takes a bottle well from my husband or mom when I am passed out cold. My husband typically feeds her once per night, allowing me a solid 4 to 6 hour block of sleep a night. My mother has been a tremendous help, coming over almost every day that Taylor is at work, feeding and changing Elliott, doing dishes and laundry, making me lunch. Hell, she even mopped our kitchen floor yesterday!

Really, because of all this, it hasn't been the first hectic weeks I pictured my entire pregnancy. I've been adjusting well, feeling happy I get to spend all this time with my beautiful kids. I am not a sleep-deprived zombie mess. Even the (one) day I braved it on my own, it wasn't that bad. A day of juggling and multi-tasking that left me with a lot of emotions by the time Taylor returned home, but the three of us survived to tell the tale.

Elliott has been adjusting too. These last three weeks he's been a bit whinier than usual. This has been a huge change for him too, having to wait an extra minute or two for his bottle or lunch or to get changed out of poopy pants. He often wants me to pick him up when I am nursing, and the boy has refused to nap for anything. In spite of this, it's clear he's in love with his little sis, as much as all of us are. The funny thing is, having Penelope has really made me see my little Elliott in a different way. I notice more how precious his little spirit is, how sweet and adventurous and precocious his heart is. He is starting to jabber conversationally at us and responds to simple questions and directions. He laughs hysterically at the dog and loves to be chased. (He can't walk yet, but that kid is a speed racing crawler!) His eyes are filled with curiosity. He is really coming into his own, and how I have learned to savor and appreciate our quiet snuggle time together. 

These two. I can't believe they're mine.


  1. Awe, I have missed seeing them on Instagram, I am going to have to flip through my pictures in the next day or two... they look so adorable together :)

  2. This is such a sweet post, and they are both completely gorgeous xx

  3. Heart = melted. Also, the size difference is amusing - I've forgotten how tiny new ones are! You, my friend, do make beautiful babies. Glad everyone is adjusting :)


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