pumpkin patch.

A week ago we met my parents and much of my husband's family at our local pumpkin patch. And can I say, what is it with pumpkin patches these days? Rides, go-carts, jump-y things.... weren't pumpkin patches simply that in the good old days? Patches in which to pick pumpkins? Instead of picking pumpkins we watched our cute niece and nephews enjoy the new pumpkin patch festivities, complete with sky-high jumping jacks and pokey bails of hay. I watched a semi-inappropriate Russian comedy side show while nursing Sweet Pea on a hard bench. And of course I had to set Elliott on a pumpkin in front of the Do not set children on pumpkins! sign. He was not pleased about my rule breaking antics.

Next year, I am looking forward to taking two slightly older children to this patch, perhaps on a weeknight when the place isn't packed like Disneyland on a summer Saturday. In spite of the heat, the crowds, and the dust, it was a fun afternoon with family and classic October fun.


  1. Haha... love the sign about not sitting children with the pumpkins... cute... I am with you, aren't they just supposed to be pumpkin patches... ? :)


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