snotty boy.

So Elliott. Elliott decided that the night I was in the hospital, he would come down with a cold. Friday evening he came to visit his sister and me in our hospital room, but he was very apparently sick. Snot running out of his nose like a water faucet turned on and forgotten about. It was.. gross, to say the least. I avoided picking him up at all costs, and made anyone who touched him wash their hands before picking up Penelope. It ached my heart not to hold my first baby, as time with him will be forever different, but for our new baby's sake, it felt necessary. My husband took him home so he he could sleep in his own bed, and Penelope and I bunkered in our hospital room overnight, just the two of us. A little girl time.

The following day, Taylor called to tell me he was taking Elliott to urgent care. I didn't think much of it, our child has a heart defect and anytime he is sick, we take him in. It's a no-brainer. Kids with heart defects can get sicker than a heart-healthy kids. If there was an issue we needed to know about it before it escalated. In the hours that followed, I text and called Taylor multiple times to get a status, and heard nothing. Later, I found out Elliott had a couple of cyanotic (blue) episodes and was rushed from urgent care to our Children's Hospital by ambulance. Things had gotten scary, and rather than worry me, Taylor waited until things had calmed down. Elliott had croup, and with his heart and airway issues it had taken a bad turn. A dose of a steroid to open up his airways, a deep suctioning, and all was well. They kept him overnight due to his special circumstances, and went home the next day.

And by home, I mean: he was released from the hospital and stayed two or three nights at Grandma's house. He did not come home. It was a little scary, risking exposing a two-day old baby to croup, so Penelope and I had to stay away from Elliott for a little while. I had many lonely moments at home, missing my boy and my husband, who was going back and forth to be with everyone. Before long though, Elliott's pediatrician felt he was no longer contagious, and was okay to come home as long as we were aggressive with the handwashing.

That was Wednesday, and it poured rain that day. Elliott appeared to be in good spirits in his own space again, his toys, his dogs... and a new sister! Whoa! Even though he was still a bit sick you wouldn't know it. Elliott truly has the energy of a one year old, a level I can't be forced to match these days. The cool air was good for his croup, so we took a little walk in between the sprinkles and wiped boogers, sanitized, and wiped again to our hearts' content.

Elliott is a normal one year old in many ways. He's curious. He gets into things. Lately he has been very interested in our pet door. Our dog has visibly tried to show him how it works. And Elliott has never made an attempt to go through it, he'll just sit and play with the flap for hours. That is, until Wednesday.

Taylor and I were a bit amused to find Elliott stuck in the dog door, crying. We couldn't pull him backward into the house, so we had to pull him out by the arms outside... and the sight of it was just too much. They say cool air is good for croup.....


  1. Poor Elliott, being sick, I feel for him... I hope he feels better soon. So glad he is home with everyone now :)

  2. OMG those pictures. I'm dying. This kid is hilarious! The one from the side angle is my favorite, he looks so offended that you stopped to take a picture instead of helping him out!


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