christmas came.

Oh, hello blog. It's me, Charlotte! The girl with the two under two and the messy house? You know!

Christmas was over as quickly as it came.

This year was the most disorganized Christmas in the Jordan home to date. During the season I find we put a lot of pressure on ourselves (or myself?) to make memories by doing the house up all shiny and giving the best, beautifully wrapped gifts.  I managed to get my Christmas cards mailed on December 23rd, and purchased the last of my gifts at the pharmacy on Christmas Day on the way to a family dinner. There were no lights on the house this year but we managed to fulfill a long-time dream of adding a silver tree to our family. I did not bake any cookies or pies. We never made it out to look at Christmas lights in the neighborhood. Our gifts were thrown in recycled bags and used tissue paper but they were given with love. This year, we were simply in survival mode. I found myself cursing Christmas a lot and thinking how next year will be better because our kids will be older and we will feel less tired (I can hope?). I wasn't at all in the Christmas spirit.

In spite of this, my big boy opened his first gifts, flashed the goofiest smile with each rip of paper, and hugged everything he received. Books, toy trucks, you name it, it was getting a hug. It was better than I ever expected; he was enjoying his second Christmas the way I had hoped. And with crinkly tissue and drugstore gifts, memories were being made. I let myself off the holiday guilt hook and soaked up the joy in my little boy's face. I held my sweet girl extra tight that evening. Christmas was better than ever this year. I felt overwhelmed, tired, stressed by the mess, but in spite of all that we still did it. We loved and celebrated on this very special day.


  1. I am happy to hear Elliott enjoyed Christmas ♡ ... I hope it gets easier and more fun...


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