easter 2014 (in photos).

This year Easter fell on Saturday and Sunday. We were fortunate enough not to have to figure out how to spend one day with both our families and ended up enjoying egg hunts and Easter feasts with both. Elliott made out like a bandit, finding eggs stuffed with Cheerios and quarters. He really seemed to enjoy finding each brightly colored egg and taking it over to his papa to open it. It really wasn't the best picture taking day; the sun was ridiculously bright overhead during the egg hunts, Penelope fussed each time I pointed the camera at her, and as per usual I felt self-conscious about every photo I was in. I must have taken 200 photos and these were the best of the bunch!

How was your Easter?


  1. Yay Easter pics! The overalls are EPIC, the mustache is disturbing, and do I spy Sweet P, Liv, and your Mother In Law wearing matching outfits?! You Jordans do Easter right!


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