'round here.

This past Saturday we went to a friend’s 5th birthday party at a local pizza parlor. It was ridiculously crowded and there was probably three other parties going on. We squeezed into assigned seating with other families we didn’t really know and got a little chummy with them! There were kids everywhere. I sat near a little 5 year old boy who Penelope appeared to be smitten with. She just sucked on her fingers and gazed at him with her big blue eyes to the point that it started to make him uncomfortable. “Stop looking at me!” He yelled, followed by “I HATE babies!” His mother made him apologize to me but I was amused by his antics. Later he shook his finger at Penelope, scolding her by saying “You don’t tell me what to do!” and stuck his tongue out. She just gazed & smiled at him to no end. At the end of the party though, he brought her a little olive slice off of a pizza. A peace offering, perhaps?

It’s totally ahead of the game and I will probably drop the ball at some point, but I finalized the dates and picked the themes for the kids’ birthday parties! Elliott’s party is going to be  a Vintage Sesame Street theme and Penelope’s is going to celebrate her middle name, “Sweet as Pie.” I am going to have to come up with something creative to make a Sesame Street party look original & fresh, but I think I can do it! I am sure I don’t have much time left before I am being asked for Thomas the Train & Doc McStuffin parties so I better have all the fun picking themes while I can!

Over the weekend, Elliott decided that sticking his fingers down his throat and gagging himself was pretty funny. I tried to send the message that it’s not a good idea, but it was hard to keep from chuckling. That is, until he gagged himself so hard, he threw up, everywhere, and started choking on his own throw-up. He turned a little blue at one point, and we had to suction out his nose with the Nose Frida as if he were an infant. Did he learn his lesson? Probably not, he was back to gagging himself an hour later.

Taylor spent 7 hours on Sunday sorting through & alphabetizing his record collection. Half of it was already somewhat alphabetized. This either says something about the size of his record collection or it says something about his anal-retentive nature.

The catalyst behind Taylor’s alphabetizing binge was the complete reconfiguring of our second living room, also known as the step-down room. This room is connected to our dining room & kitchen and we always wanted it to have a retro feel and be another place to congregate, but its identity as the room where our stacks of mail & piles of clean laundry always ended up, the room the cats like to pee in, and the room to throw miscellaneous clutter into made it a bit of an eyesore. Last week we purchased a vintage bookcase and a cheap dining table to use as an art table for me. We are going to add a little kids-sized table and an easel soon too. It will be a multi-purpose room, hopefully with good vibes for hanging out and creativity alike.

Seeing: I watched American Blogger last week, and, can I be honest? It was just okay. There were many wonderful moments, and I loved all the great content in the blogger interviews. Some of the stories shared were incredibly compelling and emotional and on that front, I think it was a win! Overall, though, I wasn’t impressed with director Chris Wiegand’s attempt to insert himself into the story so much. I get that he wanted to make a film about his “education” of blogging but really, that portion of the film bored me. The film felt choppy when cutting between blogger interviews and their home life to Wiegand in his fancy Airstream, looking at his iPhone. It felt like an attempt to turn a blogging documentary into his own autobiography. A love letter to himself, and I just wasn't buying it. (And, let's be honest, he overused slow motion video to the point that it was comical.) I’d give this film two stars, and . Sorry, friends.

Hearing: We’ve been listening to a lot of Sesame Street on vinyl these days, especially in the morning as we get ready for a typical work day. It puts all four of us in a great mood!

Smelling: Burnt firewood and musty air-conditioning. Southern California weather has been flip-flopping between 40 and 90 degrees, and it’s all driving us all a little nuts. I know we had a mild winter compared to the rest of the country so I shouldn’t complain, but man! It’s making us extra tired, making our noses run, and just leaving us with a generally confused feeling.

Touching: Baby chubs. So soft! That girl has a relationship with her food so unlike Elliott when he was her age. It's fun to see her whole-heartedly take in new tastes & textures, but it's a bit sad, too. Bittersweet. Those thighs, though!

Tasting: Chicken nuggets, chicken nuggets, chicken nuggets. The staple week night meal.

Reading: ....does Instagram count?

Wearing: My mama wardrobe consists of a lot of comfy clothes that are appropriate enough to hide in a cubicle that also don't have some sort of foreign substance on them. These Minnetonka boots have been a favorite since I returned to work, keeping my feet warm and adding a little something special to my otherwise shlumpy, ill-fitting pants.

Loving: That first hour after getting home from work, enjoying dusk with the kids outside, water plants, iced coffee, and the sound of toddler giggles going up and down the driveway. Life is good.

How was your week?