mama truths // part 2.

A year ago I posted some Mama Truths and looking back at them now, it’s a bit funny how things have changed somewhat. Now I am a working mom of two under two and having two babies under your belt is a different world with a whole new set of truths. Seriously, this old post made me chuckle a little. A voice of inexperience naively speaking "wisdom"…. Yeah. I got a chuckle out of looking back at that one. The only true truth I found in that entire post was that truly, I don’t know a darn thing about anything. I have only scratched the surface of parenting and really, I should keep my mouth shut.

For instance, I mentioned the days of taking a shower when I want to were over but the key point to that statement was: I still got to shower. These days, I have to get up at 5:30 am during the work week if I want to shower or I am out of luck. 90% of the time, I choose to sleep over showing and so these days, that mama truth has been ix-nayed.

Obviously life is going to shift and reshape and morph with each passing month. So, the mama truths for this year consist of:

On cloth diapering: Elliott was cloth diapered until his sister was born. I was pretty adamant that cloth diapering wasn’t much more difficult and really, it wasn’t! Cloth diapering is no big deal. At least, it wasn’t when I had one child and was coming home at 4 pm every day and my mom was coming to my house to watch Elliott every day and she was helping with the laundry…every day. Try cloth diapering two babies, one on a fully-solid food diet and the other transitioning, getting home at 6 pm, juggling dinner, dishes &  parenting for two to three hours, packing the kids’ things up for the babysitter’s house after they go to bed at 9 pm and washing diapers each night. We are officially a disposable diaper family and I am not ashamed to admit it. 

On eating frozen or fast food meals: this is a nightly thing, friends. Forget a few times a week as I stated earlier. Fish sticks, chicken nuggets and Del Taco are my meals of choice. 

On baby poop: I am no longer obsessed with poop like I was when Elliott was 8 months old. I have been around the block with poop my friends. I now know what is normal, I now know what is weird, and I now know that I can wash my hand (literally) of the worry that came with the whole diaper debacle.

On PTO: sick days? Those are gone by mid-February, and your entire family is in a constant state of sick. I don't know what it's like to feel healthy and well rested any more. 

On grocery shopping: I no longer pick up groceries in my yoga pants. Break out the eyeliner and red lipstick, because it's my most exciting outing all week! maybe I'll run into someone I know! And thank goodness our local market has a Starbucks kiosk because I would be otherwise ready to wrap it up by aisle 3.

On clutter in the home: I can't remember when I saw the floors last.

On your baby being the cutest human being that has ever been born in the entire history of the entire solar system: that's still true. For me, times two.


  1. Okay, the grocery shopping truth cracked me up. Hang in there mama. Someday you will be rested, have visible floors, eat actual food, and use your vacation time for vacations. You may be well into your 40s by that time, but still! It will happen!

  2. These are all truths that mothers need to know, especially having two at the same time.

    I don't think there is a norm for anyone, we all do what we need to do. I remember the times when getting a shower was a luxury and I only had one... wow to getting it done having two.

    I cloth diapered with one... could not imagine two... I would go with the disposable too

    Yes, you have two adorable children <3

    Have a really happy Easter :)


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