two under two.

Two under two is a slap in the face. Two under two is the forgotten grocery bag of vegetables hiding under the passenger seat of your car for 5 weeks. Two under two is fogetting to turn on your crockpot and coming home to uncooked meat that’s been sitting out for ten hours. Two under two is a test of your patience, learning to bite your tongue, a mind fuck (sorry mom), ten thousand poopy diapers in a single day.

Two under two is the best thing that ever happened to us.

Elliott Wilde, my silly and sweet little Elliott Wilde, he was born and a whirlwind of change entered our house, knocking me on my butt and leaving me in pain and without sleep for five months. It was right when I started to get some rest and settle into working again as a mom of a special needs child that I learned I would soon become a mom of two kids under two years old. And I cried.

I credit my husband for being an optimist that day and getting me through the intial shock and denial I felt when I learned about my second pregnancy. He looked at the pregnancy test for me because I was too scared to look at myself, and pumped his fist up in the air. For a minute I thought that meant the test was negative. “You’re pregnant!” he said. “This is awesome!”

Eventually the shock wore off and I accepted this second pregnancy. This second pregnancy meant a little girl. This second pregnancy meant a new nursery and hair bows and a brand new adventure. This second pregnancy meant opening my heart up wide and accepting a beautiful, messy, chaotic life as a mom of two children who would, at some point, be simultaneously under the age of two years old.

And I’ll you what: there are moments when having two under two is incredible. Between those moments when you feel there is no end to the diaper blowouts and the pile of baby socks without mates just keeps getting bigger, there are the kinds of moments that bring tears to your eyes. The moments that you witness your two children connecting with each other for the first time. The moments that they laugh together and talk to each other in a secret baby language that only they understand. The moments they sit on the floor and play with each other so you can go to the bathroom. Pour a cup of coffee. Sit and enjoy. The moments where you see a lifelong friendship being built, a loving relationship being shared.

Those are the moments I feel blessed to be a mom of two under two.


  1. Awe Charlotte, this was beautiful... I have been taking a blog and social media but I am still reading a few blogs, your title jumped out at me... Although it is tough having two under two, the rewards seem to outweigh the stressful times and that is great. I have missed your Instagram pictures, I will have to catch up when I get back :) Have a really great weekend :)


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