a visit to the park on an oddly chilly morning in july.

Today we went to the park. Saturdays tend to be the days we tidy up around the house, do laundry, start meal prep for the week ahead, but the atypical cool July morning was begging for a visit to the park. The kids ate breakfast and we were in all in good spirits after a few rounds of coffee (and Cheerios), so we took advantage of the weather and piled up in the car on our way to one of the many local parks. We arrived to an empty park, but within minutes the playground filled up with kids and families, pups and picnic baskets. We only stayed about an hour, but we played on the swings, climbed the jungle gym and ran around in the empty skateboarding lot. Elliott loved climbing up and down on the jungle gym steps and Penelope was happiest on the swings. Elliott only had two little mishaps: a bloody lip after slipping on the smallest skateboard ramp, and a stepped-on finger, victim to another child that was making his way excitedly to the slide. That was pretty good, I'd say!

Let's be honest: getting out of the house with two babies is not the easiest, and spontaneous trips are rarely...spontaneous. I've found that on Friday night it helps to re-pack our diaper bag with diapers, wipes, snacks, bottles & cups of water, and changes of clothes so that if we decide to go on a whim, we just go. I'm finding it's the best way to have an all-around successful weekend; because just getting the kids fed and dressed to leave is exhausting enough! Having the bag ready was important this morning. We seized the opportunity and a quick outing was just the thing we all needed. Seeing that sweet, happy smile on my girl's face as she enjoyed her second-ever go on the swing was the perfect start to the day.


  1. Awww, this is awesome! LOVE the looks of joy of their faces.

  2. They both look like they had so much fun... that is what life is about, those moments like this... xox


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