that girl.

This girl. Yesterday morning we sat together, nursing before our morning commute to work & the babysitter's house. At one point she sat up, looked at me, and started smiling. And babbling. This big, beautiful smile that wouldn't leave my mind for the rest of the day. Those flirty eyes, that way about her that gets you to do whatever she wants. This girl is somehow making her way into my heart as not just a daughter, but a comrade. A bestie. Someone I can tell my secrets to.  And yes, she may have convinced me to buy her a pony.

A year ago I posted about Elliott's boyhood, how the stars were aligning as he started to find himself, a little human who was very much all boy. Loud and silly, unforgiving. At that time my belly was bulging with another little life, who was very much growing into her own personality. It's funny how that works. These little things. They share very gender-neutral toys and love to watch Sesame Street together, but their personalities are shaping to be very different. Elliott is still very much a boy, becoming this nearly-two year old who is messy when he eats and likes to head bang. Banging on things, also. This girl, she knows what she wants and will use whatever means of manipulation to get it. She is not beneath flashing those sparkly blue eyes at you or giving you a judgmental frown. She demands to be the center of attention at all times. She is incredibly chatty.  She looks amazing in pink even though I went to great lengths to avoid that color. All those things that make her, on the surface, a girl, set her apart from her brother and cousins. She is a girl. She is Penelope Sweet, and there is no one in the world like her.

And she won't let you forget it.

Penelope's teepee shirt is from this amazing shop!


  1. Penelope is gorgeous, as is Elliot. I really love that first picture of her.


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