birthday week: elliott's sesame street party.

Try as we did to prepare Elliott for everyone singing to him, it still got a little scary. I am not sure if he liked his cake, I think that scared him too. But what can you expect from a two year old on a hot day?

Last year, I prepared a large first birthday party for Elliott at my home and between being pregnant, cleaning the house, making three cakes, and making sure all the cat poop was cleaned out of the front planter bed I don't think I truly enjoyed his party that much. I never got to sit down, I wasn't finished with everything when guests arrived and I just put way too much pressure on myself. This year I swore I was doing less, and really, I think I accomplished a nice party in spite of it. I even enjoyed myself a little! Instead of having the party at home, we took it to the park, and while it was hot it was the right choice. The kids played on the playground and I didn't have to worry about making the house spotless when it was just going to end up dirty again. Last year I thought I was playing it simple with food but it ended up being too much and I forgot to put everything out. This year I made even less food and everyone had more than enough to eat. I hand made Elliott's cake toppers & some garland and left it at that. I also made cake toppers for my sister in law & Taylor, since they have August birthdays too, and asked my mother in law to bake them smaller cakes. It was fun to surprise them.

All in all, I am really happy with how it turned out. It was a low key morning with family and friends, which is all I wanted to celebrate my sweet little guy's day. I can't believe he will be two in two days!

More on the coloring masks soon, with free printable masks!


  1. The cake looks awesome Charlotte and a very happy birthday to Elliot.... It is amazing how fast time flies when our children are growing. I learned to put less into the parties so I could enjoy them too and they always worked out... :)


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