birthday week: you're two!

Little boy,

You're two today! I can't believe it. The other day I was thinking about how it's all going fast, way too fast. And it brought me to tears. But today, as we sang you the Happy Birthday song I felt nothing but pride in my heart. You are the toughest cookie I have ever met, braving some tough things and coming out of them just as happy and spirited as before. You're the silliest goose. You test the waters and use giggling as a tactic to make us look the other way. Spankings do not phase you (sternness does).You love to dance and spin in circles, jump in the air, and "quick feet" in the kitchen. You still push your sister a lot even after we have asked you several times not to, but then you make it right by hugging and kissing her. You are too much, you are just getting better and cuter with age.

A bit about your year:

1 Cardiac catheterization
2 ambulance rides
5 hospitalizations
6 ER visits
8 colds

Walking at 16 months
Jumping at 22 months
Says words hair, more, and eye.
Can point out all body parts, including neck and chest hair.
You love dogs, birds in the sky, Sesame Street, music, dancing, bananas and anything with cheese.
You are just over 23 pounds and are 32 inches! 

Happy, happy birthday my sweet son. Maybe this year ahead be your best yet!

Love, Mama


  1. Awe... I love all the collection of pictures here Charlotte... so many sweet ones :)


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