face to face.

My beautiful, Sweet girl. Sometimes I look at you and wonder how I could possibly do you justice as your mother. You are full of joy and conviction. You expect a lot from people because you give a lot. You are the sweetest little thing sometimes, but other times, you let me have it when I am falling short.

As time goes on as you get older, you remind me of what a responsibility I have in being a mother. Often times I get distracted with the basics, making sure you and your brother are fed, bathed, and otherwise comfortable. Your brother and all of the extras he comes with really puts the emphasis on keeping you both healthily happy. You used to be the same way, but somewhere along the line you made it apparent that there is more expected of me. I am not just here to love, but to show love. I am not here to teach, but to guide. I don't hold you close and protect you just because I gave birth to you, I do it because you are a part of me. A little part of you has always existed in my heart, and when I look into those big blue eyes I come to realize that because of you, I have learned to love myself. I'm not sure how you did it, baby girl, but wow. You blow me away.


  1. She is adorable Charlotte, what a beautiful smile... I love this post ♡


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