lately, the park (in photos).


We have been spending a lot of our week nights (and weekends!) at the park the last few weeks. The kids get ansty from being inside at their nanny's house all day and likewise, fresh air & wide open spaces is good for a tired adult soul. Seeing your child smile at new things, find beauty in crumpled up leaves really reminds you what life is about after a busy work day. It is so easy to get caught up in the things at work that annoyed you or stressed you out, but piling those sweet baby faces in the car and looking at the world through their eyes for an hour has a way of smoothing out the day's rough edges. 


  1. Children certainly have a way of showing us different ways to look at things... I am glad you have been able to get out to the park more... these are great memories to make :)

  2. LOVE these pictures of Elliott! He looks so free and happy and brave <3


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