two is not terrible.

As it turns out, two is not terrible.

Two is when the imagination begins to spark.
Two is running over my legs with a little toy car, driven by dirty fingers and vocalized by little voices.
Two is a whole new set of silly dance moves.
Two is inquiring about everything, even if you can't verbally express your questions, and expecting reasonable answers.
Two is making sure the dog always has enough to eat.
Two is starving the cat, because kitty chow is really tasty.
Two is wanting everything other than what you are given.
In fact, two is wanting what your sister has.
Two is coloring with only the blue crayons, and eating only the yellow. The rest belongs in the dog's water dish.
Two is everything Elmo. And cheese.
Two is running around in circles, because, why the heck not? And clapping after every song.
Two is giving your sister a hug, and your mama a kiss without being prompted.
Two is wrestling with your dad, and probably making him a bit winded.
Two is dirty fingernails, dirty feet, dirty everything.
Two is eating dirt.
Two is milk dripping down your chin.
Two is reorganizing the Tupperware drawer at least four times daily.
Two is being able to open the back door on your own when no one else is watching. And then laughing when your mama freaks out.
Two is finally understanding that kitty does not like his tail pulled.
Two is pretty freaking cute.
Two is when the magic happens.
Two is when everything changes.
Two just keeps getting better.

Two is not terrible, not terrible at all! (But ask me again in three months.)


  1. I read somewhere that the "two" in "terrible twos" actually refers to their second year of life, age 12-24 months. Which makes SO MUCH SENSE, because yeah, that was rough. So far 2 really IS amazing. They have so much imagination and curiosity! I love it.

  2. Two is an inquisitive and growing year but also a fun year where learning never ends♡ I think age 2 is a wonderful age;-)

  3. I always thought the same thing. Two is a great age! It's 3 that tripped me up. Three is when they learn to use words better and sometimes not for the better.


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