weekend recap.

1. First thing's first when waking up Saturday morning. Boy has his priorities straight. // 2. Morning tunes. // 3. Feeding Elliott anything nutritious often requires distractions. // 4. Unless it's macaroni & cheese. // 5. I am not totally sure where she got her blue-eyed genes from. // 6. Exploring downtown Idyllwild, CA. // 7. Attempting to take photos of the mountainside.

Our Saturday was mostly uneventful. Some grocery shopping and laundry, and not much else. Penelope seems to be teething and was a snotty, clingy, mess of a mess on Saturday to the point that both Taylor and I wanted to tear our hair out. Sunday, though. Sunday I cooked a big breakfast of eggs, bacon, and french toast, which is a rarity in our home. I never cook breakfast and we usually just graze all morning until lunchtime. Call me lazy. I don't know what came over me; something about enjoying a big meal together in our pajamas, just the four of us. It set a big precedent for the day, because before we knew it we were piling into the car on a whim to drive to Idyllwild, CA. Such a cute little mountain town! The weather was just gorgeous as we hiked all over, perusing antique shops and little boutiques, breathing the cool mountain air and drooling over all the adorable gingerbread homes for sale. I am pretty sure I want to buy a home up there and enjoy a white Christmas in the mountains!

How was your weekend?


  1. I think the best trips are the quick ones that are unplanned, it sounds like you really enjoyed yourself.. :)

    I don't always make a big breakfast but when I do, I go all out... usually in the Fall and Winter. I had a quiet weekend :)

    1. Aren't they, Launna? We really didn't have any idea where we were going until we piled in the car, and then we ended up on the freeway! Quiet weekends are the best, in my opinion.

  2. the first pic... be still my heart! love it!


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