weekend scenes.

1. Afternoon snack. // 2. This guy freaked us out at first. But after googling we realized that she is a harmless garden spider. So we let her stay. // 3. I'm just starting to figure out why succulents are so trendy. // 4. Iced coffee; all day, everyday. // 5. This is the cleanest room in the house. // 6. I started decorating! // 7. Split pea soup and grilled cheese, naturally.


Let's be honest. The best weekends are the ones where you don't make any plans. You wake up and stay in your jam jams a few extra hours and drink a few extra cups of coffee. You play the day by ear and enjoy a spur-of-the-moment date with your husband. You follow the yard sale signs and maybe your patience is tested a bit too often by the whining. But that's okay. You're living. You're soaking it in and making memories.

A mama and papa-only dinner and thrifting date. Estate sales and Happy Meals. Very little housework. A lot of failed cry-it-out sessions. Walks in a wagon. Visiting with our elderly neighbors. Long drives with babies napping in the backseat. Admiring houses. A desire for quiet time that was never met. Papa asleep in a crib. Papa folding my laundry (I didn't really want there to be evidence). Breakfast on the kitchen floor. A Batman cape.

This weekend felt like fall. Southern California doesn't really know fall like other parts of the country, but on occasion in our little hillside town we see glimpses of it each year. The air cools off at night and some of the leaves actually change. It's a new season inside our home, too: the tantrums are starting. Elliott has never been a tantrum thrower but lately, we have been getting them in small doses. Our girl, ever the drama queen, is already winning the prize at nearly a year old. Truthfully, my husband's and my patience was thin most of the weekend, but we were grateful and blessed to get some alone time. We needed it. Shoot, we were desperate. Our home is a sort of all hands on deck operation these days and there is little rest to be had even when we divide and conquer. It was nice to look in his eyes and not be aggravated by something that had happened a few minutes prior. Just us, being...us!

How was your weekend?


  1. I love those weekends where I don't make plans and I just go with the flow... ;)

  2. Oh how I wish I lived in SoCal for fall and winter months. It's already getting too cold here in Jersey. Soon it'll be too cold for iced coffee :( Loving your kid's room, so cute!

    1. Tina, I so wish we had a little more of fall and winter here in soCal! I just got word it's going to be 100 degrees over the weekend, just in time for my baby girl's fall themed party. sigh. The grass is always greener... ;-)


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