sweet one.



Sweet girl, you're one today! It's nearly tomorrow, the day of your party, and I am beat. I just pulled an apple pie out of the oven and my plans are to get up at 5 am to work on cleaning up the yard so that it's suitable for guests. But you know what? You're worth it. You're worth the blood, sweat, and tears it is taking to make your first party a spectacular one.

For the last month I have been in denial that this day was coming. I didn't want to believe you would grow out of your babyhood, into a little toddler. You're nearly there. You're talking (in baby babble, mind you) in a way that's conversational, you tell jokes, and I am pretty sure that if I could understand them they'd be pretty damn funny. I feel like you're my oldest and dearest friend. Like I can tell you secrets in confidence, you would hold them locked in your heart, and never judge. I know that will change someday but for now, I will take it. Can't you just be a baby forever?

You can't. You're growing and becoming more effervescent by the day. A true challenge. You're nearly walking and it breaks my heart just a little to see your progression. You're healthy and strong, you haven't once been to the doctor for anything other than your well baby check ups. You've been sleeping through the night since you were six weeks old. You will eat almost anything, even the green vegetables. You nursed until you were ten and a half months old. And yet, in your constant need for attention, you made me work for it. But like I said, you were worth every hard moment.

Happy Birthday my beautiful girl!


  1. Awe... this is beautiful Charlotte... Happy Birthday to sweet P... <3

  2. so sweet! happy birthday, baby girl!

  3. Beautiful progression of photos. Happy birthday to Charlotte!

  4. Aww, beautiful words! I felt the same way when my little girl turned one a few months back. Now that she is well and truly into her toddler period ( I even had to buy toddler nappies today! ) everything feels like its going much faster and I'm looking forward more to the next milestone. Its those new baby months that make you feel so nostalgic for moments just passed. I hope your little girl enjoyed her day!

    Lauren / And Together We

    1. Oh myyyy it is beyond bittersweet to see them turn one. Yes, you do look forward to them gaining independence & reaching their potential, but it's slightly heartbreaking that you can never get that first year back! GAH


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