weekend recap.

1., 2., 3., & 4. We went to the park, and ended up playing in the tennis courts the whole time. It's how we do. // 5. And then we went home and played in the studio. // 6. Taylor's little sign collection. // 7. Homemade Halloween costumes in progress. // 8. I taught myself how to manually create VSCO-like actions in Photoshop. There's 2 hours of my life I'll never get back. // 9. Someone, please, tell him to STOP. BARKING.

I'll be honest. I am pretty tired tonight. And I just wrote a long-ass update on Elliott that I posted on Facebook. I promised myself I'd shower, do dishes, finish the costumes, and write a blog post, but now that it's after 9 PM I realize that was the crazy in me talking. Shower, check. Here's some photos from Sunday because I didn't take any Saturday. Blog post, half-assed, but check.

Have a good night, my friends!


  1. The pictures are great Charlotte and I love that line about realizing that list you had made was the crazy in you talking... I do that too many times... lol

    The list stays for another day ...sleep is definitely more important :)


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