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Something happened recently: I became a mama of two toddlers. Penelope's birthday is in a few days and I'll be honest, I am already sneaking a little milk in her bottles. A few weeks ago I decided that I was done pumping, and Penelope decided she was done nursing. I took it as a sign to let myself off the hook in that department. I slowly weaned off the pumping and it has officially been a week since I have last hooked myself up to the "juicer." Hooray!

With this new stage in our daily routine, transitioning baby to real food, I was met with the task of actually preparing food for a second child. Elliott is the pickiest eater ever and it is so tough to feed him. I hate to say it, but for the most part he eats whatever he wants. I do a lot of "hiding" when it comes to cooking and I am not ashamed to admit it. The dinnertime stare down is a huge struggle.

Let's couple that with the cold hard truth that I am a working mom. I don't have a lot of time to get lunches packed for the day or dinner on the table. We get home at nearly 6 pm most days and quite often it's a mad dash to get food in their mouths. Another thing I am not ashamed to admit: the kids eat a lot of canned foods. Fruit in 100% juice, no-salt added peas and beans, and on occasion, a can of Spaghettios.

Our meal plan for last week:

Mom & Dad: Leftover split pea soup & grilled cheese sandwiches. 
Elliott & Penelope: Grilled cheese sandwiches & canned peas (Elliott refused his).

Mom, Dad & Elliott: Homemade pizza & salad. Elliott also had a vegetable squeezie pouch. 
Penelope: Rice cereal, more peas. 

Mom & Dad: Tacos & rice. 
Elliott & Penelope: Scrambled eggs with spinach & a little cheese.

Mom & Dad: Leftover tacos. 
Elliott & Penelope: Another scramble.

Mom & Dad: Tuna melts & coleslaw.  
Elliott: Quesadilla & applesauce. 
Penelope: Rice cereal.

How did your meal planning go last week?


  1. It's grocery day tomorrow, I have a list and this weekend, I hope to cook quite a bit :)

  2. For a second I thought this said your kids ate the split pea soup and I was blown away haha. I haven't been meal planning since the beginning of summer due to the busiest summer ever but I really need to start doing this again instead of just eating on a whim!

    1. Tina, actually, my one year old DID eat the split pea soup for lunch last week... she will eat anything though. I hope it never changes but I am not holding my breath!

  3. I remember at one point I was cooking three different dinners each night. It was madness and totally unrealistic for a working mom. So I stopped it. Now I just do a variation on the one meal; add in or subtract an ingredient per each picky eater. I get a lot of stink eye's and a lot of I don't like this stuff's. meh.


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