salt & pepper.

Or, Halloween, according to my iPhone.

I'll be honest. I have been berating myself for a full week for not taking my camera with me on Halloween. Our day was packed, and the night before I stayed up late sewing my kid's Trick or Treat bags. (Because, at 9 pm on Halloween Eve, it's a totally convenient time to decide to make Trick or Treat bags from fabric scraps. I crack myself up sometimes!) I also baked a pie for the office potluck after the kids went to bed. It was the latest I've stayed up in quite a while, let me tell you.

So, when you're trying to corral babies & their diaper bag for the day (to include lunches and snacks and diapers), remember the extras like Halloween costumes, candy for the office party, and a pie, and get ready for a full day ahead, you're bound to forget something. In this case, it was the camera. Thankfully one of my coworkers took some photos for me while we were at my office party!

In spite of this, it was a fun day! I was able to take an extended lunch to grab the kids and bring them to my office for a bit. My office does Halloween up right. A huge potluck, Halloween contests, and Trick or Treating with all the kids. Everyone brings their littles in dressed to the nines in their costumes, and they go from cubible to cubicle collecting treats! It's pretty amazing to see all of my friends babes in one stop, and it was a fun chance to show off how cute my little ones looked in their costumes that I proudly made by hand.

The kids' nanny lives in a cute part of town where the owners of all these old, enormous homes deck out their front yards with these fantastic displays and give out hundreds of dollars worth of candy to thousands of Trick or Treaters in a night. They close down streets because it's so epic! It made perfect sense to head right into the madness while we still had some daylight. An hour or so of Trick or Treating and ogling all the costumes... it was just enough. After a bit we all got tired and it grew a bit dark, so we headed home for dinner and to pass out candy to our little neighbor kids. What a day!

How was your Halloween?


  1. Donna, OH NO! Huge bummer! This was the first time I made their costumes and the first Halloween in my 3 years as a mom that I was coherent. I intended to document it! In any case, yes it does make me feel better. ;)

  2. Charlotte, the costumes are adorable xox They both look so cute :)

    Before smart phones were the norm, I was absolutely terrible about taking pictures, I try ... I don't always succeed... Thank goodness for smart phones now :)


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