the stuff of weekends.

1. Elliott had a heart cath on Friday, as you may remember. He's doing great. // 2. Checking camera settings, so first let me take a selfie. // 3. This is all day everyday. // 4. & 5. First tree is up, and the children were just enchanted! // 6. Downtown.

In spite of being at the hospital all day Friday and taking it easy Saturday, we had an adventurous weekend! The fake tree got put up and we all decorated it...Elliott snatching Christmas balls out of Penelope's tiny grasp and her melting down every three minutes was more like it. We also went to the pet store for a bit Sunday. There is nothing like a free trip to pet the adoptable puppies on adoption day. Elliott had a blast petting all the pups and letting them lick his hand. Penelope wasn't quite sure about touching them, but she seemed intrigued in spite of her trepidation. And man. I really resisted the urge to bring a Spaniel mix puppy home. Those floppy ears, those little puppy dog eyes! But then I noticed my two year old running around the store pulling stuff off the shelves and I realized... another pup would be an eighth mouth to feed. That's just bonkers! So we moved to a picnic lunch downtown, and left the kids get their wiggles out.

The day ended at an open house in our old neighborhood. Taylor & I are playing with the idea of selling our house and moving back to the hold nieghborhood in a few years, so checking out the open houses has been our chance to daydream and pretend we'll have a big budget. And then we stopped into this cute turn-of-the-century home that had been gutted and remodeled into this modern Tuscan nightmare. Why!? Why ,I ask?! Please, people. If you're going to remodel, please consider the era of your home when you're picking out finishes. It should be common sense.

Okay. Rant over. How was your weekend?


  1. I won't be getting my Christmas tree up until after my exam in December but I am looking forward to is as I am going to put a real one up... it has been over 20 years for me... :) I like your tree and I love all the pictures you take of your two children... <3 xox

    I just wanted to let you know I won't be blogging for the next two weeks, I have a final exam that I need to buckle down and study for... I would rather write, read blogs and comment but that won't help me pass... haha

    Have a great couple of weeks, I will check in when I am back :)

    1. Oh Launna!!! Best of luck on your exam!! Have a happy thanksgiving! Enjoy your blogging break, we all need one sometimes! I'm sure we will have tree #2 up when younger back! :-)


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