Ohmygoodness that mess of books in that second to last photo! How did I miss that?

It's Christmas Eve eve, and as I write this, there's a pile of fabric scraps on the floor waiting to be turned into last-minute homemade gifts. They weren't intended to be last minute, they've been on my to-do list for the entire month for goodness sakes. But here I am, pulling it together , sweating the deadline, just like in college. Clearly, I'm better under pressure.

It wouldn't be the season, after all, without a little flying-by-the-seat-of-my pants sewing sessions. Something about this season, this year, has made me merrier than ever, to the point that I am actually using my "skills" and making stuff. Some of these things I am very excited to share! They may be a mess of crooked stitches and imperfectly lined-up patterns, but that is what the season is all about, right? Giving a piece of yourself in a gift. That's how I am hoping these messy little DIY gifts will be accepted, with love and a hearty helping of disregard for the details.

Honestly, I am so excited for that first handmade gift from my kids. I know it's not happening this year, but maybe in a few years. A popsicle stick ornament or a crayon-drawn card. I am getting sentimental just thinking of it. My two babies, being so aware of the excitement, the glow of the tree, it has really driven home the magic of the season. I am looking forward to so many more seasons with those two, to come.

A few other things we have been enjoying this season:

Driving in the car, cranking up the Christmas tunes and looking at Christmas lights
Dancing to Mariah Carey on the coffee table
Getting little hands involved in a small homemade gift for their grammies
Christmas jam-jams
The (un)healthy, never-ending supply of food at work
Making our cards and getting cards from friends and family in the mail
This local display

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and as I prepare to spend the day alone with the kids, I have a lot on my to-do list. Clean the house for breakfast company the next day, finish my handmade gifts, wrap everything, and maybe make sugar cookies with the kids. Am I completely crazy? Maybe.

Happy Christmas everyone!


  1. Charlotte, I hope you had a really wonderful Christmas with your sweet family and that you are enjoying the holidays... by the way the pot holders turned out great :)


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