family photos // the outtakes.

I really, really wanted to take nice family photos with a local photographer but just couldn't work it into our budget this year. After much hemming & hawing we decided to pay a friend a few bucks to meet us at the park to point & shoot. He probably took over 200 photos in 30 minutes. Really, with two little babes, you have to move fast as fast as possible. No time to work the angles, lighting, and whatnot. Point that camera & go!

While we did get a few really, really lovely photos for the Christmas card, there were a lot of other photos in the bunch we will always cherish. Some were blurry, some were too dark, some too light. But they were photos of all four of us... a rare treasure.


  1. Awe Charlotte, I love your photos... such wonderful cherished memories... I'm hoping to get one of me and Valentina done for Christmas :-)... Have a fun weekend :-)

  2. These are the outtakes?! They're perfect!


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