love our home 2015.

If you follow me on Instagram you know that we've been working on our home a little. Our home is a 1959 California ranch that has been through the ringer, starting as a family home, then a rental, then a group home for troubled youth, and then a rental again. We bought our house from an investor who fixed it up from it's apparently dilapidated state into a nice, blank, beige starting point. If you know us, you know we don't love beige. The finishes were nice enough, but they were begging for some personal touches. We started with a few small projects and love everything we've done so far, but after having two babies the projects slowed to a standstill.

In December we went on the Redlands YMCA Home Tour and felt inspired by what we saw. There were some great older homes, personalized to the max by the owners. While many of the homes were not our "style," we found that each home was a representation of the owner. We loved that. After flip-flopping about whether to stay long term in this home (we love the house, but feel iffy about the location), that day-date together was all we needed. While we still aren't sure if we do want to stay here for another full decade, it doesn't excuse us from loving the home we have now.

Really, it's a great house, and the neighborhood is actually pretty adorable even though the zip code isn't our first choice. At almost 2000 square feet, it's a blessing of a starter home. The biggest issue is the carpet. It was brand new when we moved in, but with two cats, two kids, and a dog, the carpet is starting to look very old, stained, and worn. We truly need a floor we can just mop clean, but haven't been able to work the expense of wood flooring into the budget.

Our solution is to paint! In 2015, we'd like to pull all the carpet out and paint the sub floors. With all the great floor paint options these days, we've decided it is the best alternative for us. A little elbow grease is all we need to get the boring (and dirty) beige out of our home. Several of the rooms in our home also need to be freed of the builder beige wall color as well, so our plan is to liven up our place with color! New wall & floor color should really be the huge change we are craving. We may also pop for a few area rugs, some bedroom furniture, and accent pieces this year, but the plan is to do it all on the cheap, utilizing yard sales, thrift stores, and Craigslist as much as possible. I can't wait to share our progress here!

We started with our master bedroom, because it was the blankest slate. It was a good room to experiment with floor paint because it isn't a room we spend a lot of time in. We learned we didn't love the finish of the Deck Over paint (it's a bit more textured and not as smooth as we'd like, but it wipes clean!) we used but loved the color (found here). The process was pretty easy. We removed the nails & staples first, scraped off the old glue, used wood filler to fill in some big holes & the gap under the baseboards. We sanded down a few of the rough edges but didn't do a ton of sanding. Then, we used two coats of Glidden Gripper Primer & two coats of Deck Over paint. We let a bit of the character of the wood show through which felt like the right choice. The Primer was great, actually, covering some of the sticky glue spots we couldn't get up but leaving the character of the wood grain.
We let it dry overnight before moving the bed back on it.

The following weekend, we went out on a limb and coated the walls with a dark gray-blue. It's a bit out of character for us, but really, we'd like our bedroom to be plush & soothing. We went for it here! We are excited to add some brighter-colors accesories and a pretty rug.... when the weekly budget permits.


I wish I had more before photos, but really, the space was so bare there wasn't much to document. We had a bed, a beat up dresser and an ugly tube TV.

Progress (in iPhone photos):

We are so excited to see what unfolds at home this year! I'll be posted progress on Instagram, using hashtag #loveourhome2015. I encourage you to do the same! Let's love the home we've got!


  1. My favorite home renovation site has a motto: "love the house your in". Our house was also a rental. And things that didn't bother me two years ago are so hard to ignore now!


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