Things I've said in the last couple of weeks:

"The laundry situation is eating me alive."

"I took a shower today. I feel human again."

"Hey. One year old! Make your own breakfast and then tell me it's okay to throw it on the floor!"

"Mama and daddy work very, very hard and you need to go to sleep right now so they don't go crazy."

"Please don't touch brother's poop."

"Crying doesn't look cute on you."

"Please, I beg you! Don't take your sister's baba."

"Please, I beg you! Don't take your brother's baba."

"Do not sit on your sister's face, please."

"Hey! Can I tell you something? You're my very, mostest favorite ever."


Just checking in. To be truthful, the laundry situation really is eating me alive. If I am not careful, one of the toddlers could get lost in the dirty clothes pile. I go in spurts, but the motherhood thing is taking a hard toll this week. (Do I say that every week?) I am tired, but I am trying to squeeze in the fun when I can. Next month I am hoping to get the energy back so that we can work on projects again and have lots of fun! I'd like to re-open my Etsy shop next month, work on our home, and continue blogging with some regularity. Next month, I'd like to push myself a little more, just a little, instead of just living in constant survival mode.

The kids started daycare last week and Elliott has been going through some sleep regression because of it. I think this is the main reason for my extreme case of the sleepies. He's refusing to go to bed, then waking up as many as 6 times in one night. It's really hard to get anything done at this point because I am just not in my right mind. I truly hope it passes soon.

One last thing: Blog is under construction as it always is once a year. I was playing with my header & then Elliott interrupted me. I haven't had the chance to fix it at home and I am blogging a little from work today. So there it is! A little bit of a mess & under construction, but isn't that just a true reflection of life?

Have a great week friends!


  1. Charlotte... I often think we live in 'survival' mode and then we step out of it from time to time... it's not easy but so worth it when we can...

    Those sleepless nights are hard to deal with, I have been doing it for a little over a month and I did it once for 9 months... I don't recommend it but sometimes it is unavoidable.. I hope Elliott gets settled soon and starts sleeping through the nights... xox

    Don't worry about the laundry, just do what you can and what you need, I swear it is never ending and it is only me and Valentina.. It's a part of life .. good luck with your other goals, I think when Elliott can get back to a better sleeping schedule, you will be able to attain a few of these xox

  2. Ahhh, the things we say when trying to reason with inherently unreasonable little people. Here's to the end of a ridiculous week! May the next one be more restful.


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