the living desert.

Back on Valentine's Day, we decided to make take a break from the weekend routine and go on an adventure. It was time to do something different; a break from the diapers, piles of laundry, and massive to -do list that I am always subjecting myself to. My sweet babes, they are only little for so long, and I find that my weekends are consumed with the monotony of housekeeping instead of studying the lines of their sweet faces. Or drowning in the melody of their laughter. Or making memories to savor. No. Instead, I am studying my grocery budget. I am drowning in baby socks. And making a kitchen clean for 35 minutes.

It's sad really. So on Valentine's Day, a day intended for true love, we decided it was time for the four of us to invest in each other. A day for making memories, playing in sand, marveling at long-necked creatures, eating delicious & overpriced theme park food, and exploring the big, wide world around us, strange and familiar and beautiful and scary, all at once.

I misplaced my camera cord and wasn't able to look at any of these photos again until yesterday. I didn't take a single photo on my phone, and looking back, I have to laugh. There isn't many photos of the setting around us or of all the wondrous creatures, and the ones I did take of giraffes or jungle scenes really weren't that interesting. What I did find was that there were many photos of my children with their back turned to me. Maybe it was poor planning on my part. Poor picture taking, poor cooperation from my children, and a bunch of failed photo ops...or. I am choosing to look at it another way. In these photos, they are exploring. Seeing new sights, hearing new sounds, and feeling unafraid to face the world. A little part of my motherhood slipped out of my fingers that day...or rather, it is all just happening exactly how it should.


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