'til death.

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All you married folk (and those in long-term relationships) know this, but marriage is work. Last week my husband & I had a spat during lunch, and we both went back to our respective workplaces feeling annoyed. I did the weenie thing and apologized by text (he had meetings all afternoon, ok?) and he responded with: "I love you 'til death!

If there is anyone in the world that matters most in life, it's him. I get so bogged down with worry over being a good mom, a good housekeeper, a good employee...but where is my effort in being a good wife? My kids won't always need me. I may not always work where I do now. And my house doesn't have feelings. But my husband: we are bound.

'Til death.

Honestly I don't even remember what the spat was about, a lack in communication about schedules that was irrelevant when the sun set that day. I was left in a dark house, with sleeping kids & a clean kitchen and ... him.

So where should my efforts lie? Motherhood, employment, and housekeeping are all important, and they have their place in the list of priorities. But at the top of that list it should read, quite clearly : M A R R I A G E. At the end of the day, he is the one I answer to. The one I laugh with at The Wonder Years reruns over old fashioned sodas in glass bottles. The one I have hard discussions with about finances or our son's health. The one I consult with before all big decisions. The one I consult every before every decision. The one I crawl into bed with each and every night. 'Til death.


  1. I love this Charlotte, sometimes it might be you who apologizes first but I guarantee that he will apologize first too... and you are right ... marriage is hard but for it to work you have to both work at... hence why my marriage didn't work out.... you know something though, even though it is a ton of work, I still want that opportunity again one day... crazy as that seems...

    You two look so beautiful here xox


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