easter 2015 // in photos.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!

Our weekend was slow and easy. We stopped at the neighborhood egg hunt on Saturday, arriving just 2 minutes late only to find that the egg hunt was over. We hopped around the park (like what I did there?) for a bit, played on the swings and met the Easter bunny. For the record, when asked, the kids did want to meet the Easter bunny. I think they got cold feet. We aren't total asshole parents, people!

On Sunday we had set of grandparents over (my parents and my in-laws) to share in an Easter feast and a makeup egg hunt! I could go on & on about how egg hunts bring out the worst in two year olds, but I won't. Let's just say Elliott couldn't stop shaking those eggs to confirm & eat the contents, and no egg, including his sister's were off limits.

Have a wonderful week my friends!


  1. Don't worry Charlotte, anyone that is a parent is well aware that children beg to meet the Easter Bunny/Santa and then they decide to cry for some unknown reason... I gave up taking pictures of Valentina at those times because she always made me look bad... lol... The children look so adorable here and wow to the amazing weather you are having xox


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