oh, san diego.

For the first time in a long time, Taylor and I managed a special getaway weekend to celebrate our 6 year anniversary. I don't know how we decided on San Diego, but the moment we arrived we wondered why we have spent so little time in this amazing city. We only live about two hours north, and were floored at how much there is to do and see.

Our loft was amazing. We rented this little space for two nights through AirBNB. The loft space is owned by a young entrepreneur and let me tell you, it was the apartment of my dreams... if I were still single and childless. The view and location was a dream. The decor was simple and quirky at once, with well-chosen thrift store pieces and spare, sentimental photos on the wall. This girl who lives here is a girl after my own heart, with impressive book and vintage camera collections. We napped in the afternoons and drank wine in the evenings from our four-stories-up perch. It was perfect.

By day, we scoured the neighborhoods and came upon some fun surprises. A cute Farmer's Market in Little Italy. A wind chime forest in Old Town. An emotional history lesson on the USS Midway. A really cool vintage Corvette car show. Boats named after all the people we know. Lots of good food and rides on the trolley.

We had no agenda while we were there and pretty much ended each day exhausted from walking around and sightseeing. It was just a fly-by-the-seat-of-our pants kinda vacation, which, if you ask me, is the very best kind.

If I'm being honest, this last year has been our hardest year of marriage yet. The first few years of marriage were easy. Buying a house was an adventure. Having a baby...more adventure! Then, Elliott was diagnosed with his CHD and our world came crashing down. It did not test our marriage like one might think. Really, that experience made us stronger, and bonded us closer. Then baby number two came. Penelope was an easy baby thankfully, and while Elliott's health was teeter-tottering a bit, we were fine. You know what really, really, tested us? Normalcy. Routine. It wasn't adventure or hardship that tested us, it was daily life. We have very little quality time together, and while we see each other plenty, we don't really see each other. We have so little time with our kids during the week that every little second is invested in them. On weekends, we maximize our time with them. It is rare that there is time for marriage. This weekend was such a blessing; this weekend was necessary. No distractions, no to-dos. Just him and just me. Sailing on the wind of no schedule, do-what-we-feel-like adventure. We needed this. Happy Anniversary Taylor. I'm so thrilled I get to do this thing called life with you.


  1. Charlotte, I'm so happy you and Taylor had some alone time... I hope you can do this from time to time... it's really good for your marriage... you both look so happy ♡ xox


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