In no particular order:

1. A little handmade Mama's Day candle holder from my littlest. // 2. Skateboarding at my brother in law's half pipe on Mother's Day. // 3. Crafting for his Grandmas' gifts. // 4. While everyone was skateboarding, I stayed home and had some much needed alone time. I made a dress (it's still in progress. I hope to share it here soon!) // 5. A rare first-thing-in-the-morning photo of me, watching cartoons with my babies. I won't share these kinds of photos often... take a long, hard look folks! // 6. Completed Mother's day crafts. // 7., 8., & 9. It's was rainy after nap time on Saturday, so we stayed indoors and played with watercolors for a bit. We had to take baths promptly after. // 10. A portrait of Sweet P. As talkative as ever. // 11. We took my mom out for lunch on Saturday for an early Mother's day celebration, and this is the only photo I got. What is it with men getting better looking as they get older? It's infuriating.


  1. Charlotte... you are beautiful, it's my hope that you can see that in yourself.... I wasted many of my years thinking I wasn't pretty enough... I was and now I see it... I hope it doesn't take you as long as it did me ♡


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