you know you're a heart mom...

…if blue popsicles freak you out.

...when you can explain the human heart in more medically-termed detail than a step-down nurse can.

… when you know what a step-down nurse is.

…when you can reconnect the pulse-ox monitor on your child without having to wait for the nurse to do it.

…when you know which unit at the hospital has the good coffee (it’s not in the cafeteria).

…when you get a knot in your stomach when someone describes your child as an “angel.”

…when your co-workers (who have been employed longer than you) ask for help understanding company insurance benefits.

…when you learn that doctor’s orders are really just recommendations.

...hashtag #mamabear.


  1. I refer everyone to you for insurance questions! People ask me and I'm clueless.

    I'm not a heart mom, but I still always get creeped out when people say things like "I wish they'd never grow up" in reference to a child. I know what they mean, but it seems like such a horrible thing to say!


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