alphabet fort.

Never mind the dad in that second-to-last photo trying to keep the alphabet fort of his dreams from crashing down. We're just a wacky family of four trying to keep these kids of ours occupied and away from the TV. It can be hard not to rely on the TV as a working parent. There is so many things to do in a single day and so little time to do it when you get home at the end of it that sometimes the TV feels like a reprieve from parenting. I won't lie; during the work week, we rely on it often.

I feel like as as kid I watched a ton of TV, so in a way, it feels only natural to park them in front of Sesame Street sometimes. Quite frankly, Elliott doesn't sit in front of the TV for more than five minutes at a time anyhow. Elmo goes off screen and he's suddenly all, "Mommy Snack!" "Mommy, snack! NOW." In my face and hitting me, like, how dare I space out for five minutes with a cup of coffee while Elmo is on. I have snacks to serve up and I am slacking. Penelope, though, that girl can engage in the TV. She watched an entire movie once, eyes glued to the screen. That's when we realized we needed to keep tabs on their TV watching. It's one thing if it's background noise, distracting the kids for five minutes here and there to learn how to count to ten, but it's another when they sit and stare at the tube for an hour or more.

So, we decided we really need to call on some TV-free days, especially during the weekends. It can be a bit hard though, on long Sunday afternoons when I simply must get to that mountain of laundry & the chore meal planning, and we are stuck indoors tending to tasks. Cue the alphabet fort. It kept my kids engaged in play for an entire thirty minutes, and whadya know? It kept my husband busy too.

How often do you/did you let your little ones watch TV?