oak glen, part one: berry picking at riley's farm.

Oak Glen, California will always have a piece of my heart. Growing up in Southern California, I remember frequent trips to this dreamy little mountain spot to picnic and spend time with family. It wasn't until we purchased our home a few months back, a mere 15 minute drive away, that I realized all the amazing things Oak Glen has to offer. 

Oak Glen, nestled in the San Bernardino mountains with it's population of less than 700, is such a dreamy little place. It's best known for it's expansive apple farms and becomes quite the adventure for a suburban working mom who has little time to tend to her own garden at home during apple season. Lately the kids are at an age where they can handle a few hour adventure if we start early enough. Penelope can take a late nap in the afternoon and half the time Elliott doesn't even need one. Staying cooped up inside can lead to a lot of whining and frustration so taking a quick trip up to Oak Glen was the break we really needed after a long week. Riley's Farm was offering a "u-pick" day this last weekend and it was the charming break from routine we all needed.

It was a bit hot, but the kids had a blast; Penelope picked tons of berries and Elliott pretty much spent the whole time digging in the dirt, pulling up rocks and throwing them. We filled two pint containers with some of the best raspberries I have ever tasted. It really was such a picturesque, lovely morning spending time together and doing something completely different for a change!

Afterward we had lunch and went on a short hike through the Oak Glen Preserve, more on that soon!


  1. My goodness Charlotte, the children are growing so quickly... what a great place to have so close by... I love raspberries ♡


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