first comes first, then comes second.

Let's talk about firsts.

Over the weekend we had a first: the first time I had to leave the grocery store without groceries dragging two screaming toddlers back through the parking lot to the car.

Elliott was crying because we were leaving without all of his favorite things. Penelope on the other hand.... Girl, let me tell you. Screaming because she had to be in the cart and not walk. Screaming because she had to sit in the cart and not stand. Screaming because she didn't get to hold the apples (her brother asked first). Screaming because I wouldn't let her put the eggs in the cart (for obvious reasons). Screaming because I reprimanded her for throwing apples, string cheese, and mayonnaise out of the cart onto the floor. It is not the first time I've gone grocery shopping alone with them but it was the first time I needed to leave without groceries.Thank God for the clerk that took my cart and put it in the refrigerator without missing a beat, and pulled it back out with a smile thirty minutes later.

Thank God for the people of Yucaipa that didn't give me sideways glances, and to the stranger who offered to help me. Thank God for the husband who came out while I was unpacking the kids from the car and took a screaming toddler from my arms and swept her away, no questions asked. Thank God for the son who let me lose my cool and cry into his shirt for a minute, patting me on the back saying, "it's okay mommy." (He also went back with me to the store and was perfect the whole time, serenading me with silly made up songs.) And thank God for the said daughter that said, "I'm sorry mommy!" on FaceTime and greeted me with kisses when I returned.

A first, just one week before her second birthday. The second kid kinda gets the shaft when it comes to firsts, you know. I don't really remember her first word or the day she started crawling, but she wasn't gonna let this day go, no way, no how. Lord help us.


  1. This incredibly fun days of toddlers... I'm happy the day turned around for you... Happy Birthday to sweet and strong willed Penelope ♡ xox


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