Interesting things that have been coming out of my mouth lately:

Please don't wipe cream cheese off your feet.

Followed by: Your toothbrush is not used to brush your toes!

Please get your head off your sister's butt.

I am not your slave!

Please do not touch your sister's/brother's poop! (A frequent one I have probably mentioned before.)

I'm everyone's mommy you guys. (In response to the shouts, "That's my mommy!" "No, that's MY mommy!")

Are you tickling the dog's butt?

Mommy doesn't want to smell your feet, please. (I am suddenly noticing a fascination with feet & butts here.)

And also, a conversation I already posted on Instagram but it's too good not to note here as well:

Me: Penelope, please get your feet off the table. 
Her: Moooo!
Me: Seriously. No feet on the table, especially while we are eating.  
Her: I'm a monkey! Ooh aaah ooh aah! 
Me: Penelope, get your feet off the table right now or you can go to your room! 
Her: (puts my face in her hands & plants a kiss on me) Hi mommy!


  1. Charlotte I love this post... Penelope says the cutest things... I enjoy your Instagram pictures and stories xox ♡


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