penelope sweet is two, let's go to the zoo!

 Yesterday we celebrated our sweet, sassy girl by piling the whole family, including grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins into the car to head to the Los Angeles Zoo! This last week we kept checking the weather report, worried it would rain. California is in dire need of rain, mind you, but it would be pretty ironic if the one time it actually rained we would be out on a family adventure celebrating our little blue-eyed girl. It didn't rain the entire day, and we were lucky enough to get a cool, cloudy day with a few peeks of sunshine to keep it from getting too cold. It was the perfect autumn day! 

I didn't get too many photos because my good camera died pretty quickly into the trip. Poor planning on my part. But I would say it was the perfect, quintessential day at the zoo. We intended on leaving after a few hours but long time got away from us pretty quickly. We were enchanted by the lion roaring, cheeky monkeys of all sorts, a showy sea lion hamming it up for visitors, a stare down with a giraffe, a whole mess of goats and stinky sheep, a rhinoceros that peed itself, a big lot of goofy otters, and the cutest little family of koalas. At the end of the day I grabbed a homemade apple spice cake with browned butter glaze from the trunk of the car and sang to our girl over coffee before the zoo kicked us out. Not a bad day for a two year old to celebrate her birthday; don't let the frown fool you, she had a blast!


  1. Awe.. this looks like a lot of fun was had... happy birthday Penelope xox ♡


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