the ojo family.

There's really nothing much in my brain these days. To sit down and gather my thoughts and form them into sentences is really hard. Pregnancy brain is real, yo.

So what's new? We are getting new flooring installed in our den this week, which I am incredibly excited about. If you've been following me on Instagram at all this year, you know we have been making affordable changes in our home over the last year. Much of it has been simply pulling up the carpet and painting the wood subfloor underneath. Our den is an awkward space, what we believe was once a back porch that was enclosed and then added onto. Painting the subflooring is really not an option, so we have an affordable laminate being installed by a local company, and at 8 months pregnant, I am excited to leave the DIY behind this time. There will still be two small bedrooms that need our DIY touch later.

What else? I took photos last weekend of my good friend Kathleen & her gorgeous growing family for the holidays. I am by no means as talented as many of the small business professionals out there, but it was an interesting, inspiring experience to say the least. I do enjoy taking a good photo, but I realized I have a lot to learn about portrait photography. I also learned I really, really like taking pictures of kids. Their little quirks are a challenge to capture and Kathleen's daughter Amaliya was such a fun little challenge for me.